• NewsletterBlog 2017

    Dec 08, 2017

    Roy has put his Newsletter/Blog on to this web page (click on Blog) because he doesn't trust his Mail list efforts at the moment. We're not even sure he has succeded in doing this. So please have a read on this site! Good luck.

  • SHOP Info

    Dec 05, 2016

    Newcomers and existing ones, please note that a number of past CDs are NO LONGER AVAILABLE as items to buy from the Shop. Please read the notes associated with the CDs. They are now available as online downloads only from iTunes, Spotify and other Online Distributers. Thank you.

  • Winter 2016/17

    Dec 04, 2016

    Roy has added his latest Blog/Newsletter (winter 2016/17) Click on Blog [above.]

  • Winter 2015/16

    Feb 10, 2016

    We thought you would like to know, especially if you're not on Roy's Mailing List. He has finally put his November 2015 Winter's Newsletter/Blog on the web page. Click on Blog, (above)  We think he's working on a Spring edition at the moment. Cheers - the crew.

  • Jeremy Corbyn

    Sep 12, 2015

    CONGRATULATIONS - WE BEGIN A NEW CHAPTER IN THE LABOUR PARTY'S HISTORIC JOURNEY.  We asked Roy for his comments and he said "Read the PS to the Summer Newletter/Blog, I've added today!"