Up The Wooden Hill

Up The Wooden Hill


This CD is for Roy’s grandaughter, Jessica. “I’ve travelled and met wonderful people. I know that the good people outnumber the bad and if we put our minds to it, the good people can take over. It wasn’t ordinary people who drew lines on the map. People are not, naturally, the enemies of people of other countries. We’re all in this together - all the people of the world. Things can and will be better. Maybe you, our grandchildren, will help bring this about? This recording is offered as encouragement.”
Roy Bailey August 2002


  • 01. One. Two. Three. Listen
  • 02. Like Me and You
  • 03. King of the Castle
  • 04. I Can’t Hear My Parents Call Listen
  • 05. Three Little Pigs
  • 06. Can Anyone Tell Me That?
  • 07. Up The Wooden Hill
  • 08. My Obstinate Uncle
  • 09. On Children

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