Live at Towersey Festival 2015

Live at Towersey Festival 2015


I’ve wanted to record a live concert for many years but never managed to arrange it properly. This time I think it works. You must decide whether I’m right?  As I say in the notes, Martin Simpson and Andy Cutting are the driving force in this concert, not to mention their effect on me! They are ably assisted by Marc Block (Bodhran) and Ian Brown (guitar). My thanks to them all.  Towersey with these artists enable me to tackle songs I can’t imagine doing when I’m singing solo – “With God on our Side”, “In the Neighbourhood”, even “George Fox”. The audience was wonderful and sang gloriously whenever I asked them to and occasionally when I didn’t! I hope you enjoy it as much as we all did.


  • 01. What You Do With What You’ve Got (Si Kahn)
  • 02. George Fox (Sydney Carter)
  • 03. Go To Work On Monday (Si Kahn)
  • 04. Molly’s Garden (Kit Bailey)
  • 05. With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan)
  • 06. At The Dawning Of the Day (Les Barker)
  • 07. In The Neighbourhood (Tom Waits)
  • 08. They All Sang Bread & Roses (Si Kahn)
  • 09. Welcome (Jon Fromer) Listen
  • 10. Home By Christmas/Empty Chair/Home by Christmas (Robb Johnson)
  • 11. Rolling Home (John Tams)

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